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About Us

A new asset class to translate breakthroughs from academia to market.

Engine Ventures invests in the next generation of Tough Tech founders: providing capital, operational expertise, and a powerful academic, commercial, and governmental network to build and scale companies unlocking massive opportunities in climate change, human health, and advanced systems.

We invest in Tough Tech founders, helping bridge the gap from discovery to commercialization. The companies we invest in have a clearly articulated scientific or engineering solution to a global problem. This often manifests as the convergence of multiple disciplines. As an early-stage investor, Engine Ventures believes in supporting founding teams who are committed to societal positive impact. We look for leaders that are mission driven and with an unstoppable drive to realize their vision.

We convene the investment, government, academic, regulatory, and corporate communities to help accelerate the progress of those working to grow and build Tough Tech companies. We create opportunities for our portfolio companies to learn from the lessons of existing large corporations and industry leaders. Simultaneously, industry and government have a chance to learn from Engine Venture’s portfolio companies and collaborate on how to augment or build upon existing solutions. Together, our network helps remove obstacles and clear a path to commercialization and success for our portfolio.

  1. Capital

    Investing in solutions that increase the speed of innovation, are sustainable on a changing planet, and increase humanity’s resilience in the face of crisis.

  2. Expertise

    Leveraging industry-specific operational and business experience to assist technical founders as they make growth, hiring and commercialization decisions.

  3. Network

    Facilitating the creation of long-term mutually beneficial relationships between founders, startups, strategic corporate partners, policy makers, and investors.

“The Engine is infinitely more than just money. You have a group of companies that are vibrating at the same wavelength, aligned to the same macro trend and same goal. We are working together in a way — we have the same greater purpose.”

Tadeu Carneiro CEO, Boston Metal