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May 3, 2019

Bringing Transformative Food & Ag Tech to Market

50 leaders in the food and agriculture space—from established industry veterans to founders, farmers, plant and food scientists to leaders in retail, as well as others throughout the sector’s supply chain—joined forces at The Engine for a day of discussion, debate, and brainstorming.

Areas of focus included food and ag technology development frameworks, marketing and consumer perception, government subsidies and regulations, supply chain optimization, among others.


Our third provocation made something abundantly clear: enduring and open connections between those that develop our food, those that grow our food, and those that market and cook our food are essential for technology development and implementation. And many of these connections do not occur organically.

“Coming here, I had absolutely no idea that there were this many people in Cambridge, MA thinking about how farmers like me grow crops, grow food, the systems we use to put it on the table, how we market it, how we fertilize it. Absolutely flattering to know there are so many people thinking about these issues.”

Benjamin Riensche Owner & Manager, Blue Diamond Farms